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  • you owe me 163.00

    I live in PA. In Nov 2009 They took 163.00 from me for teeth whitening products that I never received. Not one thing, no free trial, no products what so ever. I contacted the company. Countless times I was told the company had problems with visa and my refund would be in the mail soon. I have not received anything. They are theives. I would have to answer to someone it I stoled 163.00. One year ago, maybe they think I forgot about it. I bust my ass for 8 hours in a freaking factory to make that money.Im a single mom of 3. They set at a desk and just take it from me.163.00 means more to... More...
  • Never sent my refund

    November 2009, I was charged 163.00 for teeth whitening products, that I never received. Called them, got some kind of story about they had problems refunding visa transactions. I called for months I have all my contact records. Then I received a letter from the Natural Source Store, stated they were sorry for the inconveinence and my refund was approved and on its way to allow 8to12 weeks. I have never received it. One year later. This company has ripped me off. The employees are smart mouthed and lie. More...
    remphrey's Picture   remphrey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund Still Due

    I purchased a tooth-whitener from this online store and also cancelled my membership after the trial period. However i found a $178 charged to my credit card the very next month which was Jan2010. I was able to speak to an agent and register the complaint and he even gave me refund receipt numbers(some number made up) saying it will credited back to my CC. It never happened, and i have been calling since then. Now the telephone # doesnt seem to be existant anymore. This is the worst online shopping experience i have ever had. My refund is still due, and i dont think i will ever see a cent... More...
    sushmapujar's Picture   sushmapujar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    Natural Source Store phone number 954-237-2690/2691 are both disconnected. This company owes me 2 refunds and I was promised since February that the refund would happen. I did some research online and found that this company is operating under a different name and phone number. The website has the same physical address at the Natural Source Store in Davie, Florida. If you are due a refund call the new number everyday until they pay what you are due. 888-413-4512 Cosmetyn LLC & Global Beauty Products, customerservice Global Beauty Secrets 4051 SW 47th Ave... More...
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  • Horrible Company

    Natural Source Store or Lyderma Teeth Whitening, this company goes by two names. I continue to receive emails from this company telling me to contact their customer service immediately and they will charge my credit card. I received the trial of this product and the one time I could reach this company by telephone I canceled my account on 4/3/2010 but as of today 7/14/2010 I continue to receive these emails and am unable to reach them by telephone. Their emails state hours of 9 am-9pm M-F and it is now 2:57 pm and they say their offices are closed. Someone needs to close this company down. More...
    kathyfleming's Picture   kathyfleming    2 Comments   Comments
  • Disgusted with unprofessionalism

    I am so disgusted with this company. I don't know if it is the Natural Source Store or Lyderma, they go by two names. That is the first problem I have. I paid these people but still keep receiving emails from them that I owe them money and they are going to charge my credit card. It is at the level of harrassment now. I had about 5 emails just in the last two days from them, saying the same thing over and over. You can not reply to the email they send (or they say you can't). I do anyway. They tell you to call their customer service number to discuss the situation but they... More...
    Jordan's Picture   Jordan    0 Comments   Comments
  • false advertising

  • tooth whitener

    I purchased a $.99 offer for some teeth whitener. I understood you were to contact them within 14 days, which I did. The 1st company I was able to talk with someone to cancel; but the 2nd I repeatedly called. finally, one day I was able to leave a message. All the other calls stated "this mailbox is full". I did this for some time. Then someone (male) called & talked to me about my cancellation. He said I would not be charged anything else on my acct but if I rec'd any package to contact them. I never rec'd any other item. About 2 months later a charge... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    jains7194's Picture   jains7194    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scammers

    Their product, Cosmetyn, doesn't work, and worst of all, after canceling my membership within the 14 days, I am still being charged for products that I didn't order. When I try to call, no one answers. You are put on hold for eternity and no response. I had to get a new credit card to stop the fraudulent charges. This business needs to be shut down! More...
    frey's Picture   frey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ripped off

    When I ordered the teeth cleaning products, advertised at around $3, I got a call to "confirm my address" which was really a call to get me to sign up for continuing shipments. I refused but was put on the program anyway. I then got a charge on my credit card for $158 which was a complete surprise to me. I got suckered once and I will not order anything from the internet again. More...
    seed's Picture   seed    0 Comments   Comments
  • suggestion

    I say we (consumers) should have the right to place an ad in the very same newspapers they do. Where they (scammers) claim their product is, as know the ones? where they include testimonials? Well, if the consumer was able to read "our" testimonials as to the "scam" they are feeding us, right next to we not have the right to be "informed" BEFORE we consider a "scam"? Hence, we should all pool our monies and place such an ad... But no, for surely we would be infringing on "their" scammers's rights.... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    mrdawson's Picture   mrdawson    0 Comments   Comments
  • South Beach Brite

    I too, was disappointed with this company's tactics. They outright lied to me on the phone. My credit card company called their Corporate telephone number's agent (not the one they offer on their web) and got someone on the phone within seconds. The agent lied about everything I brought up about my trial offer, order. I explained that I had called them at specified dates and times and she went on to say they had no such record. I had explained that when I called to get an RMA I was asked by the system (after being on hold for approx. 5 min's) to give out my info and... More...
    mrdawson's Picture   mrdawson    0 Comments   Comments
  • South Beach Sparkle-Brite

    I bought two samples of teeth whitening gel. The product is a scam. The company, Natural Source Store, requires that you return the product within 15 days of when they shipped it (yes, when it left their warehouse). So, it took 7 days for it to get to me, so I had one day to try a week's worth of product and then had to ship it back to them so they would get it in 15 days. That didn't happen, and little did I know that by purchasing the samples that I had now signed up to receive two shipments of product each month at $78.95 (almost $160/month). By the time I saw the charges on... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    SherriFrost's Picture   SherriFrost    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    I purchased some teeth whitening product from South Beach Brite that was supposed to be a trial offer of 99 cents, but my credit card was charged huge sums for these products and then I was sent more product that I don't want. I went on this web site as recommended by the customer help line but have not been able to get a RMA Number, to be able to return the products. More...
  • Teeth whitening

    I was recently scammed from the Natural Source Store in Florida for a teeth whitening trial that was very misleading and turned out to be very expensive. This is clearly a trial rigged to trap people. When you try to cancel the product they don't answer the phone or fax but continue to charge your credit card. I had to finally cancel my credit card in order to stop the charges. A real fiasco. More...
    ml46's Picture   ml46    0 Comments   Comments
  • return product

    i have been trying to call you for a week and no body ever answers the phone, i ordered a trial of teeth whiteners and was charged over $150 compared to what I was told of 95 cents and 99 cents. I need an RMA # immediately to send back the trials. call me at 818-652-6171 or email to me at . It seems to be impossible to reach your company. Karen Holt 818-652-6171 More...
  • SCAM

    Hi. I foolishly ordered the "free" trial of South Beach Brite and South Beach Sparkle. I decided to "opt out of the membership program". I have tried to call(954)237-2690 several times to cancel. Each time being stuck on hold and listening to an endless recording of their products. All this time on a long distance charge. I haven't even opened the package as I am disgraced with this treatment. My charge card has been charged multiple times. Do I really have to cancel the charge card in order to stop? Please advise asap. JMC Ontario, Canada More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    oiseau's Picture   oiseau    1 Comments   Comments

    I responded to a free trial for a teeth whiting product for $6.95. I did not see anything about canceling in 14 days or I would continue to get product and be charged. More product came in days and a bill but I was traveling when I returned I saw that my charge card had been charged another again. I have called and called.... it sends you into a phone tree that no one answers, leave a number???? no one calls me back. I WANT TO CANCEL THIS PRODUCT More...
  • South Beach Brite

    I am really disappointed. I called Hollywood Brite just fine and called within the time frame but I can't cancel the South Beach one. I've tried and tried... To make matters worst the number is not a 1-800 number so I'll probably see long distance charges too... I am so frustrated I left 4 messages asking for a cancellation number or code and I get nothing. Today is day 14 for my trial and I ended up just cancelling my credit card saying it's lost or stolen so no further charges go on it. I didn't get charged the $79.99 but I still have not gotten anything... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Kirty83's Picture   Kirty83    2 Comments   Comments
  • Wasting money and time for nothing

    I received the products on Dec 20 afternoon and my initial order was on Dec 8 that means I only have two days for risk-free trial and not 14 days. If I can’t cancel my trial before Dec 22, there will start billing my Credit card on Dec 22 and every 30 days thereafter for $79.95 plus $4.95 S&H for each product-that’s mean they will bill me US$169.80 every 30 days for Sparkle and South Beach Brite. I regret I did not read the fine print before pressing “submit”; I definitely will not try their free trial if I know they will recur charge me. I had been misleading... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    reallyunhappy's Picture   reallyunhappy    3 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of this scam!

    This company is a criminal scam! I got to the bank as soon as they opened and they told me we were not the only ones taken in by this company! The bank quickly cancelled our debit card and advised me to return the package as soon as it arrives and do not open even any mail from them but return to sender! (In spite of how NSS says you can't refuse a package.) Thankfully they had only taken out a few dollars, but I could have lost hundreds! Sparkle was the product I ordered. So my advice is to act quickly by getting to the bank since trying to phone them will only result in continual... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    wisernow's Picture   wisernow    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never try their free trial

    Tried to contact their customer care at 954-237-2690 to cancel their products within the 14 days no risk free trial period,the advertised customer care number was just a repeated recorded messages keep asking you to choice one of their menu without directing your call - what a waste of time and a waste of my long distance call charges! I tried to e-mail them and send them letter indicating I am not interest in their products anymore. Since I did not here bcak from them and have no way to contact them, Inevitably, I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop them keep billing me. My... More...
    reallyunhappy's Picture   reallyunhappy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brite Tooth Whitener

    Tried to contact their customer care at 954-237-2690 to cancel their products within the 14 days no risk free trail period,the advertised customer care number was just a repeated recorded messages keep asking you to choice one of their menu without directing your call - what a waste of time and a waste of my long distance call charges! I tried to e-mail them and send them letter indicating I am not interest in their products anymore. Since I did not here back from them and have no way to contact them, Inevitably, I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop them keep billing me. My... More...
  • no customer care

    I tried and failed to get hold of any customer care while calling the care no.954-237-2690 since Dec 15th. Each time it was just non stop recorded messages with anybody picking up the calls. Since my initial order was made on Dec 8, 2009 and I never see any products arrive and I needed to cancel my 14 days free trial order and request not to enrol me into your Home Delivery Product and e-sbook service and make no further bill to my credit card. My credit card not in effective anymore. My initial Order no. for South Beach Brite Tooth was NSS-147-166831 and order no. for Sparkle was... More...
    reallyunhappy's Picture   reallyunhappy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Natural Source Store - Scam!

    My experience with this company was extremely negative. First of all, they are clearly taking advantage of the public with their Internet ad. They advertise the offer of a free sample only for $1.95. After an order is submitted with credit card information, you receive a message that your card will be charged $79 + each month. You cannot cancel or reverse the transaction after that. The ad is very deceptive. A representative from their company called me to confirm the order a couple of days before I received it. I told them I did not want the merchandise and to please cancel. I... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    JAmer's Picture   JAmer    3 Comments   Comments
  • 75006F6E09

    I tried and tried to reason with your so-called customer service people, but to no avail. Both my wife and I had ordered so-called free trial samples of the South Beach Bite Tooth Whitener, and when it arrived we noticed that we had a free trial period that terminated on 12/7/09. We tried it, and decided that it wasn't for us, so we called on 12/7, only to be told that the billing on the credit card had already gone through. We were told that our free trial period began when we ordered it, even though it wasn't shipped for two days after that. The paper work that accompanies the... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • This company

    This company ought to be ashamed of itself. They offer what seems to be a free 14-day trial of the South Beach Brite Tooth Whitener, but in reality, they're just waiting for people to misunderstand their policy pertaining to the time allowed for the trial so that they can stick it to them for the full amount of $79.95. My wife and I are both retirees on a limited income, and unfortunately we were foolish enough to fall for their scam. The amount they've stolen from us really hurts. Please don't be taken in by their fraudulent practices. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    kenwheeler979's Picture   kenwheeler979    1 Comments   Comments
  • Natural source store

    When I first called and said I like to opt out of the program, they said "No problem. Her name was "Camille". They use fake names anyway. Then I called the second time when I found the $79.95 charge on my credit card statement, and I had the product for only ten days, they count the days in shipment too, so they betray you in this way by manipulating the days you had the product. When I called the woman was very very rude and denied that I was granted to opt out of the deal, and she hung up on me. I will file a police report in the State of VA, and report it as a credit... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    hauihn's Picture   hauihn    0 Comments   Comments
  • total scam

    the products don't work, period, it's just snake oil and the way it's marketed is just a slick way to snag maney out of peoples accounts, granted part of the blame belongs to the people that order this crap, please read the fine print before you register your credit card accounts, nothing is free, the only way these shysters can make money is to trick unsuspecting, gulible people, they are something more disgusting than words can describe, it's only a matter of time before karma takes its natural course and the owners of this scam wind up in prison More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • Good experience

    I'm actually pretty pleased with my experience with Natural Source Store. I ordered their South Beach Acai free trial offer. As you may know, this enrolls you in a kind of subscription to get refills of their product on a regular basis if you chose to continue with their subscription. South Beach Acai was actually really great. It gave me a good cleanse, and was exactly what I needed. I'm really happy with the product. However, I recently had my hours cut at work, so I'm cutting back on some of my expenses. I called up Natural Source Store, and had no problems at all... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • Refund

    I have been requesting a refund for 4months and the issue has not been addressed. All products were sent back within a timely manner, before my trial date ended and I also called in to cancel the product as well as before my free trial date ended. My account was still charged 89.95 and I have not recieved a reimbursement as of yet and it the month of August. I have spoken to at least 10 to 15 different people and I am be ing given the run around. I just want the issue resolved. More...
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sickofthiscompany says: (8 years ago)
All of the above is my comments , they do not answer the phone---- send emails that always go directly to my JUNK mail..The spelling on the email is a joke. they also list that they are open from 9 to 5 eastern time, not correct.. In the email they say PICK up the phone and call. what a joke... by the way I cancel this in December it is now the end of June...

bcnorm says: (9 years ago)
I also returned the product and got an authorization number but billing continues. I called them a asked again to correct billing errors and am now billed $124.61 again. BEWARE of HOLLYWOOD BRITE

NEWTONT says: (9 years ago)
How come I cannot get an e-mail address,or when I phone Iam on the line for two hours and still no person picks up???

rottam10 says: (9 years ago)
the natural source store rip me off for 58.90 plus 3.09 a total of 61.99.charging me for south beach acai " cleansing solution" which they gave me no trial period. i was suppose to be paying for just s&h charges which was on dec-29-09 and on dec 31-09 within two days they took $61.99 out of my acct. i was very upset and i still have the product but i dont want it.these people need t be reported to the "bbb" which i will find out what can be done.They have scammed so many people.

feelused says: (9 years ago)
Natural Source Store for South Beach Sparkle and Brite is clearly as scam company. They have even been featured on one of our local TV stations as a SCAM ALERT. Unfortunately too late for me. Order 12/8 shipped 12/9 received approx. 12/14 how can you get a 14 day free trial if you have to cancel by 12/22. Called C/S spoke to a Ricardo all he did was send me,by email, stating basically I needed to pay. Called my Mastercard company to file dispute. Next will contact the BBB and possibly see if I can find the scam that was televised to see what they advise. Will Never Order From This Company or an advertisement on FREE TRIAL OFFER pay shipping only again. I have learned my lesson.

wisernow says: (9 years ago)
This is a criminal scam! I got to the bank as soon as they opened and they told me we were not
the only ones taken in by this company! The bank quickly cancelled our debit card and advised me to return the package as soon as it arrives and do not open even any mail from them but return to sender! (In spite of how NSS says you can't refuse a package.) Thankfully they had only taken out a few dollars, but I could have lost hundreds! So my advise is to act quickly by getting to the bank since trying to phone them will only result in continual busy signals, being put on hold, hung up on, or no call backs.

jmwest says: (9 years ago)
Customer service understood me perfectly. I have not received the auto-ship product, and do not want it. I told them to credit the card they charged and they refused. I've filed a dispute with Visa and with my bank. Next is the BBB and the Atty General's office.

scam2009 says: (9 years ago)
This is a scam BIG SCAM never do they answer the phone or messages!

marysuecontrary says: (9 years ago)
I'm actually pleased with the cancellation process. I was pleased with the product, but I can't continue with my subscription because of a cutback at work. I just called them up and had no problem at all cancelling.

UpsetCostumer says: (9 years ago)
Beware.. I had to close out my bank account due to the fact that their company took almost $500 out of my account in less than two weeks for nothing! I've called several times and have had no help getting my money back, now i call and all i get is a busy tone... Do not give this company your credit card info! Scam.

janiechicago says: (10 years ago)
Thank you, Natural Source Store for giving my recent negative experience a happy ending. I originally ordered some SBS Acai and it just wasn't for me, so I tried to return turned into a big hassle...customer service couldn't understand me, etc. Anyway, yesterday I heard from your executive team and they explained what has been going on recently and offered me a personal apology and a full refund. Thank you! (FYI, the guy I spoke with said if anyone else had a problem they could call him directly at 954-318-4711.)

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